Loan rates effective 7/1/2023

Maximum new car loan will be 100% of the purchase price not including tax.
Must have a Beacon Score of 600 to qualify for loans.

Savings Rates

Account TypeRate
Share Savings Account0.10% over $100.00
Certificate of Deposit 3%. Minimum amount $5,000.00.
12 month term.

What is needed when applying for a car loan?

1.  Proof of Identity

2.  Proof of income- copies of pay stubs from last month showing total of what you’ve been paid       year to date or copy of W2

3. Credit report from Equifax will be run (agent’s name and telephone number)

4. Proof of Insurance (agent’s name and telephone number)

    When you contact them, make sure we are the lien holder on the vehicle

5. Dealer sales agreement for new or used car

New Cars & Used Cars (2023 – 2022, 2021)

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
36 Months5.25%6.25%7.25%
48 Months5.25%6.25%7.25%
60 Months6.25%7.25%8.25%
72 Months6.50%7.50%8.50%

*** NOTE *** Used cars will be given average trade in value in NADA book

Used Cars (Model Years 2020-2018)

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
36-48 Months5.75%6.75%7.75%
60 Months6.75%7.75%8.75%

Used Cars (Model Years 2017-2015)

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
36-48 Months7.00%8.00%9.00%
60 Months7.50%8.50%9.50%

Used Cars (Model Years 2014 & Older)

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
24 Months9.75%10.75%11.75%

Share Loans / CD Loans

*** No Share or CD loans for over 60 Months

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
All Loans4.00%4.00%4.00%

Signature Loans

*** Maximum Amount $2,500.00

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
24 Months Maximum9.00%10.00%11.00%
Maximum Amount$2,500$1,500$1,000

Home Equity Loans – Fixed Rate

*** Minimum Amount $5,000.00

Beacon Score725+651 – 724600 – 650
60 Months6.00%7.00%8.00%
120 Months6.25%7.25%8.25%
180 Months**6.50%


$100.00 Charge for collateralized loans cancelled within 90 days of disbursement

No refinancing of existing HFCU loans to lower rate without an increase in principal.

Special 1/4% discount to repeat loan members with past loans paid as agreed with no charge offs. (Real estate loans do not apply to this discount)

Boat, Jet Ski, RV, Motorcycle, Trailer same as new or used car rates.

Holy Family Parma Federal Credit Union does not except salvage car titles as collateral for car loans.

School Loans are 1.99%, check must be made out to the school, maximum amount is $2500.00 per student and maximum term is one(1) year.

No Signature Loans to Applicants that do not have a Credit Score of 600, or if not, A Co-Signer with a Credit Score of 700+